The Role You Might Not Know Tom Hanks' Daughter Played In Forrest Gump


On his first day of school, young Forrest is refused a seat by four of his new classmates before young Jenny offers him the spot next to her. The third student to reject him is a freckle-faced girl played by Tom Hanks' then 12-year-old daughter, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's character, who was credited only as "School Bus Girl," doesn't speak, but simply sends Forrest away with a shake of her head. Two years later, Elizabeth also joined her dad for a blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearance in "That Thing You Do!" as "Bored Girl in Dress Shop."

As an adult, Elizabeth appeared in two short film productions, 2015's "Anchoraged" and 2019's "City Kitties," and voiced Angelina in two episodes of the animated series "Big City Greens.” Hanks' only daughter is also a published author and is currently working on a children's novel.