The Robert Pattinson Easter Egg Everyone Missed In The Batman


Along with subtle nods to multiple comic book storylines and their characters throughout the film, Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” also gives a shoutout to a significant film from Robert Pattinson’s career. While Pattinson boasts an extensive filmography, there is one film with special significance to “The Batman” and Matt Reeves.

Early in “The Batman,” fans can see an establishing shot of a market with an awning reading "Good Times Grocery," which might be a nod to the 2017 film “Good Time,” starring Pattinson. Matt Reeves watched this intense thriller while writing “The Batman” and immediately knew who he wanted to cast as Bruce Wayne.

It turned out that Pattinson was more than game when Reeves approached him with the project, provided that he was allowed to portray a darker, dirtier version of Batman. Reeves and Pattinson’s version that made it to the screen earned notable critical acclaim, and fans can’t wait to catch a sequel to “The Batman.”

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