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The Reason
Jeffrey Dean
Morgan Left
“Supernatural” changed dramatically over the years, and it was shocking when Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played Sam and Dean's dad, John, left the series at the beginning of Season 2. There were no hard feelings between Morgan and his co-stars or the creatives behind the scenes — his exit was simply a matter of timing.
Morgan's career was just beginning to blow up when he landed “Supernatural,” and there were scheduling conflicts, as he also appeared on “Grey's Anatomy” and “Weeds.” He continued to work steadily in film and on TV, and in 2016, he landed the role of the baseball bat-toting Negan on “The Walking Dead.”
Morgan always knew he wanted to return to “Supernatural” and was able to in the 300th episode, "Lebanon." Morgan's return was only for one episode, but after more than a decade since his last appearance as John Winchester, his return provided closure for both himself and the fans.