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Comedy fans might not see Jeff Foxworthy shows or specials as much anymore, but they can still catch a glimpse of him on TV—if they pay attention to the ads. Since 2015, Foxworthy has been the face and voice of the Golden Corral buffet chain and appeared in more than 20 different ads for the company.
TV Commercials
Foxworthy is among the most successful comedians ever, and even after his prime, his name can still move merchandise—like Redneck Barbecue Sauce, the product line he launched in the early 2000s. In 2006, the sauce got high marks from Consumer Reports, whose critic praised its "big roasted garlic flavor.”
Barbecue Sauce
When CBS adapted the extremely popular reality competition “The Great British Bake Off” as “The American Baking Competition,” it hired the quintessential American comedian to host: Jeff Foxworthy. Unfortunately, the show only lasted for one season before getting canceled.
Baking Competition
A comedian might not seem like the most logical choice to be on the panel of ABC’s “Shark Tank” but in 2010 Foxworthy joined the show for two episodes. He made two offers during his stint and one was a $50,000 investment for a 50 percent stake in Hydromax, a shoulder pad that kept football players hydrated.
Shark Tank
Foxworthy purchased an expanse of land in Harris County, Georgia, and legally granted a "conservation easement" on one-third of it to the Chattahoochee Valley Land Trust. An easement means that he legally pledges to keep that land totally natural; it can never be developed by anybody, even if he sells it.