The Real Reason Wil Willis Isn't On This Season Of Forged In Fire

When Season 8 of "Forged in Fire" began airing on the History Channel, some fans were dismayed to see the show's longtime host Wil Willis had been replaced. Willis had been with the series since the beginning and helped guide each season's bladesmiths through the grueling competition.
Unfortunately, Willis hasn't spoken out about what led to his departure from the series, but it may very well involve a new addition to his growing family. On March 6, 2020, Willis and his wife, Krystle Amina, welcomed a baby boy, Flash Orion Willis.
It seems that at least for now, Willis is focusing on his young family and planning the next stage of his career. Even though "Forged in Fire" won't be the same without him, Grady Powell appears to be giving it his all as the long-running show's new host.