The Real Reason Tom Selleck Left Magnum, P.I.


Throughout his career, actor Tom Selleck has performed in several memorable television roles, but arguably his most memorable role is that of private investigator Thomas Magnum in the 80s crime drama “Magnum P.I.” For all the success the show brought him there's one reason Selleck ultimately chose to step away from the hit series.

"Magnum, P.I." might have propelled Selleck's fame to new heights, but in an April 2020 interview with People magazine, he recalled that he wanted more than just a busy Hollywood lifestyle. He has repeatedly stated that he enjoys his private life outside of Hollywood and prefers to spend more time with his family on their 65-acre California ranch.

In a 2010 interview with Collider, the actor admitted that he was initially hesitant to accept the part of Frank Reagan on “Blue Bloods.” Mostly because all 22 episodes were shot in New York City, but he said the script was too hard to pass up and the show still allows him a healthy balance between his family life and his career.