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The Real Reason
Shirley MacLaine
Never Left
Show Business
Actress Shirley MacLaine has a career that has spanned several decades, including such films as "The Apartment," "Steel Magnolias," and her Academy-Award-winning performance in "Terms of Endearment." There's a secret to her success, and the real reason she's stayed in show business for so long concerns a matter close to her heart.
According to the actress, her love of traveling pushed her to continue working. "I've also stayed in the business and never thought about quitting because I wanted to pay for plane tickets to travel," MacLaine explained.
"I'd rather travel to a country I hadn't been to. So when I think about my life, I'm not sure I wouldn't put the travels a bit above show business," added MacLaine. Thankfully, MacLaine's adventurous spirit motivated her to keep her name in lights for almost 70 years.