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The Real Reason
Scorpion Was
As is often the case with network shows, failing ratings led to “Scorpion's” cancellation. The decline in viewership wasn't a commentary on the quality of “Scorpion,” so much as it was an indication of CBS’ ongoing issues with getting people to watch their Monday night lineup of scripted fare.
Shortly after the news was announced, Katherine McPhee, who starred as Paige, tweeted messages of support and appreciation to the fans and her fellow cast members. The rest of the cast had a similar response, suggesting that they knew “Scorpion's” fate was sealed, despite fans' attempts to mount last-minute renewal campaigns.
The cast has moved on to other projects: McPhee starred in the Broadway musical “Waitress,” Elyes Gabel can be seen in shows like “Suspicion,” and Robert Patrick has working projects such as “Peacemaker” and HBO's “Perry Mason” reboot. Nothing will take the sting out of the early cancellation, but knowing that the cast is thriving should be a small comfort for fans still wishing for Season 5.