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The Real
Reason Sarah
Was Fired
From SNL
A gig with "Saturday Night Live," whether writing or acting, has served as a rite of passage for many aspiring comedy personalities, and it's no surprise that Sarah Silverman found herself there. However, her time with "SNL" proved to be surprisingly short and she was fired after just one season.
In an interview with HuffPost Live, Silverman shared some insights into why "SNL" didn't work out, claiming she didn't necessarily do anything wrong to cause her firing from the iconic show. On one level, the show was simply making broader changes to the program and trying for something fresh and different.
While she was proud of her work on the show (enough to feel blindsided when she was let go) she believes she is much funnier now than she was then. Silverman only appeared as a cast member during the ’93-’94 season, but she returned to host the venerable program in 2014.