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The Real Reason
Prey Is Going To
Hulu Instead
Of Theaters
In a recent interview, director Dan Trachtenberg chatted about "Prey," its place in the "Predator" canon, and the anomaly that is the "Alien vs. Predator" duology. He also shed some light on why "Prey" didn't end up making it to theaters, which has to do with Hulu's plans for the streaming platform.
"They're hoping to really ignite the platform to say, 'We're not just putting out the smaller, lower-budget fare,' That this is also a place to have giant cinematic experiences," Trachtenberg explained. Although he made sure to note that despite its presence on a streaming service, "Prey" is very much a full cinematic experience from the comfort of your living room.
Trachtenberg went on to explain that the folks at Hulu and Disney+ were all-in on the idea of "Prey" and gave the team working on it little to no pushback. As a result, it has plenty of action, violence, and intensity to keep subscribers entertained, and the cast is also predominantly made up of people from Native American and First Nations cultures — something audiences seldom see in Hollywood.