The Real Reason Monica Raymund Left chicago Fire


Fans of NBC’s “Chicago Fire” were shocked when Monica Raymund, who had played paramedic Gabby Dawson since the show premiered in 2012, decided to leave at the beginning of Season 7 in 2018. Similar to how her character left her Chicago life to help with post-hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, Raymund too left the Windy City to seek new opportunities as an actress in Los Angeles.

With her six-year contract coming to an end, Raymund made the difficult decision not to renew, as she wanted to take on darker, more topical roles. Since May 2020, she has played such a role in Starz’s “Hightown” as Jackie Quiñones, a federal fisheries agent who struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

Raymund’s Dawson has returned to the show once, appearing in a Season 8 episode where she reunited with her former co-workers and ex-husband, Captain Matt Casey (Jesse Spenser). Although they broke up during Raymund’s last episode, the sparks were still there, and they ended up in bed together, keeping open the possibility of her return in the future.

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