The Real Reason Lisseth Chavez Won't Be Returning To Chicago PD


Lisseth Chavez was a central figure on season 7 of "Chicago PD," as her character, Officer Vanessa Rojas, quickly found herself in the thick of the action. During her short time with the force, Rojas discovered that a friend was involved in a drug ring and started up a tentative romance with Officer Kevin Atwater.

However, the character was nowhere to be found on the season 8 premiere, and fans have been wondering what happened to her. “Chicago PD” has not addressed the character’s disappearance onscreen yet, but Chavez is keeping busy with another show.

Chavez is currently a major part of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow,” where she plays Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz. “Chicago PD” did have a plan for her character’s exit, but the COVID-19 pandemic shortened their filming schedule.

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