The Real Reason L.A.'s Finest Season 3 Was Canceled


Premiering on Spectrum Originals in May 2019, “L.A.’s Finest” was a spinoff of the “Bad Boys” movies and starred Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba as Los Angeles Police Department officers. The show had its network premiere on Fox in September 2020 and then reached Netflix in December 2020, but was then canceled after its second season.

One speculation for its cancellation was the Black Lives Matter Movement; in fact, the second season’s premiere was pushed back so that it wouldn’t air while the George Floyd protests were happening. As the show had two police officers as the main characters, it might have been deemed inappropriate amidst the protests condemning police brutality.

Another speculation is that the number of viewers on Spectrum wasn’t enough for the company to move forward with the show. However, while this may explain the reason for the relatively unknown platform, it’s still a mystery as to why Netflix didn’t pick it up, as the show at one point reached its Top-Ten most watched shows in the U.S.