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The Real Reason
Jax's Shoes
Change At The
End Of Sons Of
"Sons of Anarchy" fans have often questioned why a tough character like Jax Teller wears such bright sneakers throughout an often dark and dirty existence. The shoes quickly became an iconic, if occasionally questioned or derided, part of Jax's persona — though he curiously discards them just before the series finale.
While this is not the first time Jax's outfit change has prompted discussion of a deeper meaning, the literal reason for his change of footwear is that they become stained by blood in the 12th episode of Season 7, "Red Rose." In the scene where Jax is forced to murder his own mother, neither the man himself nor his sneakers can remain absolved of his bloody actions.
Though the series' final quote references the iconic Elizabethan tragedy "Hamlet," this scene arguably evokes another key Shakespearean play. In "Macbeth," Lady Macbeth spends a great deal of time attempting to wash the blood of her victim, King Duncan, from her hands, simultaneously attempting to wash away her guilt as well.