The Real Reason Ink Master Got Canceled


Paramount Network canceled the long-running reality competition show “Ink Master” after 13 successful seasons. While there were a variety of factors that resulted in the show’s unceremonious departure, the controversy that erupted after photos of judge Oliver Peck in blackface emerged, was the biggest one.

When photos of Peck wearing dark makeup covering his face and elaborate tattoos on multiple occasions were revealed, the reaction was swift. While Peck responded to the incident with an apology, the offensive photos were enough for Paramount Network to remove him from “Ink Master”.

Spike TV’s rebranding as the Paramount Network in 2018, was also a factor in the show's cancellation. As a result, other shows like “Wife Swap”, and “Cops” were canceled, with “Cops” having faced similar social backlash in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.