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The Real Reason
Fans Are Ready
To Cancel
Netflix Again
At times, being a Netflix subscriber can seem like a difficult cross to bear, because the platform that was once on the forefront of streaming television has become far too recognized for canceling beloved television shows. In fact, the cancellation rates have reached a point where outlets such as Collider have taken to compiling comprehensive lists of canceled Netflix shows.
Teens do not have the best luck with endearing themselves to Netflix. The coming-of-age story "I Am Not Okay With This" was brutally cut down, and now another unique tale has been canceled — V.E. Schwab's queer vampire romance "First Kill."
Following the devastating cancellation news, fans took to Twitter to voice their anguish, furious that the streamer is canceling a show that offers such prominent LGBTQ+ representation. One Twitter user posted, "Like my thing is we're never going to get a dark skin lesbian lead again. Like this was rare for media. This was a rare sighting for people that look like me. And they just canceled it."