The Real Reason Donald Glover Left Community During Season 5


Sadly, during the hiatus between the series' fourth and fifth seasons in 2013, it was announced that Glover, who played loveable Troy Barnes, would be leaving “Community” mid-way through the upcoming season. The show never truly recovered its early magic without Glover, but he definitely had a few solid reasons for jumping ship.

NBC treated “Community” like its awkward stepchild, never putting its full weight behind the show, eventually moving it to a mid-season premiere date in 2011. Then in May 2012, they fired creator Dan Harmon and after a rocky season 4, they fired co-star Chevy Chase for his increasingly aggressive and reportedly racist antics on set.

Television Turmoil

In October 2013, Glover posted a series of letters to IG explaining that he left “Community” because he was reassessing what he truly wanted to do and was working through difficulties in his personal life. Glover had other endeavors he wanted to focus on such as creating pilots and his rap persona Childish Gambino.

Quarter-Life Crisis

Glover's last episode is the perfect “Community” cocktail of wacky concepts and heart-wrenching pathos. In the end, Troy leaves to sail around the world with Star Trek actor LeVar Burton on the aptly named Childish Tycoon. Later in "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking," an Easter egg shows Burton and Troy were captured by pirates in the Gulf of Mexico.

Troy’s Final Episode

Since leaving “Community,” Glover has been nominated for seven Emmys (winning two), seven Grammys (winning five) and is the driving force behind FX’s hit series Atlanta. With Glover’s star continuing to rise it’s clear he made the right decision, but hopefully he won’t be too busy if the film to fulfill the show’s prophecy ever gets made.

His Gamble Paid Off