The real reason Bridgerton Season 2 doesn't have as many love scenes


The Netflix smash series "Bridgerton'' is back for Season 2, with the focus this time on Viscount Anthony Bridgerton's search for a bride. However, there are fewer love scenes in the new season, and some fans may be asking why.

Season 1's torrid love scenes between Daphne Brigderton and the Duke of Hastings, as well as Anthony's own daring sexual exploits, made fans hot and bothered. However, in Season 2, Anthony is more focused on winning the hand of this season's diamond, Edwina Sharma, rather than on lust.

"It's definitely a slow burn this season,” says creator Chris Van Dusen, adding it's an “enemies-to-lovers story.” Because he “knew the climax, pun absolutely intended, was going to be satisfying," he wanted the audience to feel the frustration between the two characters and carry it out throughout the season.