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The Real Reason
Better Call Saul
Recast Jeff The Cab
Driver For Season 6
“Better Call Saul'' is mostly a prequel to “Breaking Bad,” but it does also utilize flash-forwards, set after the events of its parent show. In one of these flash-forwards, Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), under the alias of “Gene Takavic,” interacts with Jeff (originally played by Don Harvey), who recognizes "Gene" to be Saul Goodman.
In the Season 6 episode "Nippy," Gene and Jeff decide to rob a store at the mall — however, fans might’ve noticed that Jeff is now played by Pat Healy. There’s no in-universe explanation for Jeff’s change in appearance, and the show itself hasn’t commented on Jeff’s recasting.
According to Entertainment Weekly, Harvey’s absence on “Better Call Saul” was due to his previous obligations to the HBO show “We Own This City.” Instead of dropping the character altogether, “Better Call Saul” opted to recast Jeff, which seems to indicate his increasing importance to the show’s plot.