The Real Reason America Ferrera Left Superstore


Ferrera played Amy Sosa, an employee at a Cloud 9 mega-store for five seasons. Amy was an integral part of “Superstore,” and fans were heartbroken when she left in the second episode of Season 6, leaving many to wonder about the reason behind her departure.

In February 2020, the actress took to Instagram to announce her departure from the series, explaining that she wanted to move onto the next chapter of her career and family life. However, Amy Sosa's departure didn't exactly end the way Ferrera and the writers initially envisioned.

Ferrera originally planned for the Season 5 finale to be her last episode, but the pandemic interrupted production, moving her departure to the next season. Luckily for fans, she returned for the show’s final episode, resulting in one of the most emotionally satisfying TV finales in the modern era.