The Raunchy
Comedy That
Ruined Zooey
In 2014, "New Girl" was the lead-out program following Super Bowl XLVIII, joining an elite club of other hit series that includes "The Office," "Friends," and "Glee,” so it seemed that Zooey Deschanel's star was on the rise. However, even after a stand-out performance in 2009’s "500 Days of Summer,” her film career has stalled.
Part of the reason why Deschanel has hit a bump in the road is likely due to her involvement in the critically panned fantasy stoner comedy “Your Highness.” Famed critic Roger Ebert said that Deschanel’s talents weren’t utilized in the movie but nevertheless, a high-profile bomb can turn an actress into box office poison.
Some may argue "Your Highness" isn't solely to blame, but it marked the beginning of the end of her box office appeal. While Deschanel's co-stars managed to rebound from the fantasy debacle, the actress has yet to find a project to rejuvenate her film career.