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The Rachel Dratch
SNL Sketch That
Had The Whole
Cast Struggling
Not To Break
Rachel Dratch, an "SNL" player from 1999 to 2006, was known for characters such as hot tub “luv-ah” Virginia Klarvin, Boston teenager Denise McDenna, and Hollywood producer (and coleslaw enthusiast) Abe Scheinwald. However, there was one of her sketches, in particular, that had everyone breaking character, and the result is endlessly enjoyable to watch.
The very first appearance of Debbie Downer in 2004's Season 29, Episode 18 would become legendary as Rachel Dratch struggled to maintain her composure, and host Lindsay Lohan, along with the rest of the cast, succumbed to giggles and even all-out tears. The sketch features Dratch as Debbie, a character that can find tragedy in everything, even while dining with her family at a character brunch in the happiest place on Earth.
When the Disney World server tells them about their steak and eggs special, Debbie replies "Ever since they found mad cow disease in the U.S., I'm not taking any chances," and from that moment on no one on set is immune to “the church giggles.” Dratch created the character with the aid of “SNL” writer Paula Pell after interacting with someone who constantly found the worst in every situation.