The Penny Scene That Went Too Far On The Big Bang Theory


Kaley Cuoco famously played Penny on "The Big Bang Theory," and her on-screen romance with Leonard Hofstadter reminded audiences that when opposites attract, wacky and weird hijinks ensue. However, there were times when it was hard to ignore that Penny and Leonard were woefully mismatched.

Their differences were never more apparent than in Season 7, Episode 12, "The Hesitation Ramification," when Penny drunkenly proposes to Leonard. When he hesitates, Penny gets upset, takes back the proposal, and storms out of his apartment.

Many of the show's fans agreed that Penny went too far, and they took their opinions to Reddit, where everyone was firmly on “Team Leonard.” The backlash to this episode also reveals that not all viewers are fans of the couple, and there is no shortage of Reddit chatter devoted to why Penny is a terrible partner for Leonard.

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