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Juancho Hernangómez proved himself to be a force to be reckoned with in his debut film role as Bo Cruz in “Hustle.” He more than holds his own alongside Adam Sandler, and while one would think the actual basketball skills involved in the part would come naturally, Hernangómez recently spoke about how it was more challenging than one might realize.
The basketball player revealed that he had a surprisingly tough time getting in the swing of things due to the nature of filming. He told Esquire, The hardest part for me was the basketball. Because I'm used to [working out] three or four hours a day straight.”
He added that stopping for lengths of time for camera adjustments and other behind-the-scenes necessities made it difficult to stay on his game. “It's tough to warm up again and then start jumping, start playing defense, and start blocking shots. Then it stops again. Then do it again for another angle."