The Oscars Hit With Fierce Backlash Minutes Into The Event


The Oscars, the night moviegoers wait a whole year for, has brought cinephiles together again once more for the 94th Academy Awards. However, just a short time before the official ceremony began airing on ABC, it garnered major backlash for one specific reason.

Many aspects of this year's Oscars seemed quite familiar, but in an effort to cut down on the award show's runtime, no fewer than eight categories were cut from the live broadcast. These integral technical categories, such as Best Film Editing, Best Production Design, and Best Sound Design, were sidelined and awarded during a pre-show.

In 2018, the Academy Awards attempted to do something similar, but it led to a huge backlash from the public and industry members. After the intense negative response, the Academy eventually reversed their decision and promised to air all of the awards live — at least that year.