The Oscar-Winning Historical Drama Jane Fonda Regrets Passing On


Legendary actress Jane Fonda has carved out a decades-long career that includes countless accolades and awards. One might think that Fonda has few regrets but in a 2015 interview on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” she revealed that she regretted passing up on a chance to star in one of the greatest historical dramas ever produced.

The acclaimed movie that Fonda turned down was none other than “Doctor Zhivago” which was directed by legendary filmmaker David Lean. However, Fonda didn’t reveal which role in the Oscar-winning movie she turned down.

It’s hard to imagine Fonda being offered any role in the movie other than the lead part of Lara Antipova, which eventually went to Julie Christie. Christie made the most from her opportunity, delivering a star-making performance in the sweeping romantic drama, but even Christie fans can admit that Fonda would’ve slain the role.