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The state of Dunder Mifflin's flooring issues would rankle anyone who abhors a gorgeous wooden floor lying buried beneath a hideous carpet. However, the way (or rather ways ) Oscar discovers this decorating secret on “The Office'' has many fans saying it's a plot continuity error.
Oscar discovers the hardwood underneath the carpet of his workspace not once, but twice. The first discovery happens during Season 7 when Dwight accidentally fires a gun, and Oscar, observing the bullet hole in the carpet, says, "My God. There is a hardwood floor underneath this carpeting. Why would they do that?"
Then, in Season 9, Oscar accidentally rips the carpet while moving a copier and is shocked (AGAIN!) to discover the hardwood underneath. In both instances, he seems genuinely surprised which could hint at a script inconsistency — but perhaps he’s just choosing his words poorly due to the caffeine overload that his body is processing at the time of the second discovery.