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The Only Other
Person Jerry
Seinfeld Thinks
Could Have
Played Kramer
On NBC's hit sitcom "Seinfeld," Michael Richards unforgettably portrayed Cosmo Kramer, the eccentric neighbor of Jerry Seinfeld, winning three Emmys for his performance. It's hard to imagine anyone else bringing Kramer to life as successfully, but Seinfeld revealed that there's one other person he thought could have achieved it.
In an interview with Howard Stern, Seinfeld revealed that he "worshiped" Andy Kaufman so much that he would travel into the city just to watch Kaufman perform. When Stern stated that Kaufman would've fit in well with the "Seinfeld" cast, he replied, "Michael Richards is one of those parts, you could never cast somebody else. But now that you mention it, Andy could've pulled off Kramer."
Oddly enough, Richards and Kaufman appeared in an infamous skit together on the late-night ‘80s sketch show "Fridays." When Kaufman went off script, Richards corrected him live on air and a massive fight ensued, leaving audiences to wonder if the altercation was real or staged.