The Only Office Characters To Appear In Every Single Episode


Dwight Schrute

The socially inept salesman, played by Rainn Wilson, had always longed to be the boss, and in season 9, that dream came true. While Dwight’s spin-off "The Farm” never came to fruition, he can be enjoyed in every single episode of “The Office.”

Jim Halpert

John Krasinski has revealed that he was initially contacted about playing Dwight Schrute. Luckily, due to Krasinski’s persistence with casting directors, we were able to enjoy him “Jimming the camera” in every episode.

Angela Martin

Angela Kinsey initially auditioned for Pam but was deemed “too feisty” for the role. Kinsey went on to be cast as Angela Martin and used her trademark snark in all of the show's episodes.

Stanley Hudson

Stanley Hudson was the show’s resident sudoku enthusiast and pretzel aficionado. Most fans can relate to Stanley’s “run out the clock” work credo that spanned the 9-year run of the show.

Kevin Malone

Brian Baumgartner played accountant Kevin Malone in every episode, yet he never gets tired of talking about his time on the show. Baumgartner even has a podcast titled “The Oral History of The Office,” where he revisits show highlights with some special guests.

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