The One That '70s Show Storyline That Disappeared Without Explanation


"That '70s Show" had many unforgettable storylines during its run, with moments that ranged from humorous to heartwarming and everything in-between. However, not every storyline reached a logical conclusion, including one from the show's early days that disappeared without a trace.

The plotline in question kicked off in Season 1, Episode 5 when Donna throws a party and we meet her younger sister, Tina, played by actress Amanda Fuller. The episode would be her only appearance, with only a passing mention in Season 2's "Vanstock."

The writers simply determined that Donna should be an only child to make for cleaner storylines. As a result, Tina and Donna's older sister, Valerie (who was only mentioned once and never seen) both ended up going the way of Chuck Cunningham, never to be heard from again.

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