PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 11: Steven Weber at the Pasadena Playhouse presents the "The Father" at Pasadena Playhouse on February 11, 2020 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Araya Doheny/Getty Images)
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Chicago Med Fans
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"Chicago Med," along with the other two action-drama hits in Dick Wolf's sprawling "One Chicago" franchise, boasts a large, diverse roster of well-defined characters — both new and old. However, one new "Chicago Med" character, in particular, seems to have attracted even more than the usual amount of hate.
That character is none other than Steven Weber's Dr. Dean Archer. salty "Chicago Med" fans recently responded to a seemingly innocuous tweet from @NBCOneChicago, which may have placed a bit of a target on Archer's back.
The tweet in question simply reads, "Dr. Archer: Life of the party," and is accompanied by a gif of Dr. Archer opening his flip phone. Fans were fired up about the post, with one fan saying, "Yea life of the party at a graveyard," while another said, "I want to like him but I can't."