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The One Game Of
Character That
Was Beyond
Difficult To Cast
The ultra-popular HBO fantasy drama series "Game of Thrones" captivated audiences around the world for eight seasons and boasted a large ensemble cast that created memorable and compelling characters. This made the casting process a tough job, and in fact, there was one main role that proved to be the most difficult to fill.
It turns out that it was Arya Stark, the young Stark member who trains as an assassin to avenge the deaths of her family members. The role, of course, ended up going to Maisie Williams, who received two Emmy nominations for her performance as Arya, but casting took longer than expected given the character’s dark and intense arc.
Showrunner David Benioff recalled, “I remember we probably looked at 300 girls in England and could not find the right Arya.” However, when they came across Williams, Benioff said, "There was just something about that little tiny thumbnail face that just seemed right. … When we saw that audition video she was just f***ing awesome."