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The On-Set
Moment That
Made Andor's
Kyle Soller Drop
His Coffee
"Andor," the latest "Star Wars" series to arrive on Disney+, is set five years before the events of "Rogue One," in which Cassian Andor and a ragtag bunch of fighters steal the Death Star plans. Andor is joined by the likes of Stellan Skarsgård's mysterious Luthen Rael, Forest Whitaker's Saw Gererra, and Kyle Soller’s as-yet-unnamed role.
Soller recently participated in a Disney press event promoting "Andor," where he shared a surprising on-set moment that caught him off-guard. The actor confessed that stormtroopers took him by surprise on set — due to how immersive it is — suddenly making him realize what he was doing and causing him to let go of his coffee.
Soller explained, "I'm in this sociopolitical drama that's also a family drama and a love story, and there's all this amazing stuff going that's relevant to today, and ... oh s***, there are a bunch of stormtroopers,' and yeah, I dropped my coffee." It’s not surprising that “Andor” feels different, since “Rogue One” is a much grittier affair than most films in the franchise.