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The Office's John
Krasinski Stole
This Iconic
Prop From Set
“The Office’s” Jim Halpert was certainly John Krasinski's breakout role, and the actor still has fond memories of his time on the iconic show. Krasinski also recently revealed that he is no different from other actors who have stolen props from the set before they left the show.
According to an episode of Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey's podcast "Office Ladies," it was revealed that Krasinski stole the Dunder Mifflin sign from the set. In the episode, Krasinski explains that after wrapping “The Office” finale, he went back to his trailer in tears before running back on set to take something as a souvenir.
Krasinski confessed, "When I got back to the trailer, I was crying like crazy, and I went, oh my God, there's one thing I want. [...] And I ran back and stole the Dunder Mifflin sign that we all did talking heads to." In a recent conversation with co-star Rainn Wilson on his Instagram show, Krasinski explained that it will likely remain the best thing he's ever done.