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Has Gone Downhill
According To Fans
In the first four seasons of “New Amsterdam,” one character has had what fans see as a two-fold fall from grace. Not only are audiences tired of this character's unprofessionalism, but they're also wondering why the writers are intent on turning him into a bad husband and father.
The character in question is Dr. Iggy Frome, the Head of Psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital. In a thread on the r/NewAmsterdamTV subreddit, fans called Iggy out for his unprofessionalism and the show for its harmful portrayal of mental healthcare.
Another Redditor voiced their disgust over Iggy's emotional infidelity and subsequent gaslighting of his husband in Season 4. While some fans remained unbothered by Iggy's general awfulness, at least one user felt that the writers had a responsibility to the character, one they will likely fail to meet because the series will conclude after the upcoming Season 5.