Netflix logo is seen displayed on a tv screen in this illustration photo taken in Poland on November 29, 2020. (Photo illustration by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
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The Netflix
Change We've
Been Dreading Is
Coming Sooner
Than You Think
Netflix has been on shaky ground lately, weathering controversy and plummeting profits as it hemorrhages subscribers. In a bid to regain the upper hand, it now seems like a major change is coming to Netflix, one that the company has until now resisted: advertisements.
A recent note from Netflix executives to employees suggests that the streaming giant could introduce its ad-supported subscription tier sometime in the final quarter of 2022. The ad-supported pricing tier would cost less than a regular subscription with no ads but it’s still an about-face from Netflix's long-stated position that it would never broadcast ads to support its content.
In a 2015 Facebook post, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings pledged, "No advertising coming onto Netflix. Period." Hastings has reversed that position in recent days, noting that the inclusion of ads was working for Hulu and HBO and pointing out that Disney+ is also set to introduce an ad-supported subscription tier.