The NCIS Scene That Went Too Far


Beloved CBS naval crime drama "NCIS" has been known for the twists the writer's room likes to spring on audiences. It can be good to keep viewers on their toes, and in Season 18 one character arc in particular left some fans shocked and angry.

Emily Fornell, the daughter of FBI agent Tobias Fornell, had been a recurring character since Season 4, with fans watching her grow up on the show. When Emily died in the Season 18 episode "Winter Chill," following a long battle with drug addiction, it was too much for some viewers.

Many fans on twitter expressed their disappointment, with one observing that the show had been focusing on killing off female characters. Laura Hurley of CinemaBlend said it “was just an emotional blow that NCIS didn't need to deliver at this point in Season 18."

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