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The Naruto
Ninjutsu That's A
Blessing And A
Curse To Its
In comparison to scores of shonen anime, few have battle systems as diverse those found in "Naruto." By using chakra (often in combination with specialized hand positions), ninjas can create quasi-magical spells to perform a wide variety of tasks, from casting illusions, summoning animals, or creating clones of themselves from pure shadow.
However, the act of casting fancy ninja magic isn't always as fun as it sounds on paper, and just like any other tool for combat, jutsus can be quite dangerous. That is certainly the case with Lady Tsunade's Creation Rebirth Jutsu, which heals its target so efficiently people often called it "the pinnacle of medical ninjutsu," and yet there is a steep drawback to it.
This jutsu works by accelerating cell division, a bodily function that heavily correlates to the aging process. As a result, the healed target has a shorter lifespan, and the more severe the injury, the more those cells are required to divide, further shortening the target's life expectancy, which makes it quite a double-edged sword.