circa 1965:  Studio portrait of American television writer and producer Rod Serling, resting one arm on a typewriter. Serling created the series, 'The Twilight Zone.'  (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
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Twilight Zone
Season 3, Episode 28 of “The Twilight Zone” features a pair of astronauts who stop on an alien planet populated by a civilization of miniature people, which one of the astronauts tries to become the god-like ruler of. This episode is a satisfying jaunt into a world where the worst of us must face justice for our own hubris.
The Little People
Season 4, Episode 11 is one of the most groundbreaking episodes of “The Twilight Zone,” as it deals with parallel realities in a way that was still niche when the show first aired. Following an astronaut that finds himself on an Earth that doesn’t seem quite right, the suspenseful episode is able to make the most out of its one-hour run time.
The Parallel
Straying away from the usual sci-fi fare of “The Twilight Zone,” Season 5, Episode 29 is more of a Hitchcockian thriller than a supernatural mystery. A Major during the Cold War must escape the clutches of an assassin who meets him with an ultimatum: find the bomb hidden inside the room or die.
The Jeopardy Room
A rare comedy in “The Twilight Zone,” Season 1, Episode 6 follows a hypochondriac who sells his soul in return for immunity to sickness, injury, and death. With a cynical twist ending and despicably funny and wonderfully charming performances, "Escape Clause" is a delightful romp that manages to be both light-hearted and grim at the same time.
Escape Clause
A story focused on racial injustice, Season 5’s “I Am the Night - Color Me Black” features the sheriff of a town in the segregated American south who is set to oversee the hanging of a man who swears by his innocence. When the night before he is set to be executed never ends, the sheriff sets out to re-investigate the murder.
I Am the Night