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Moments In Xena:
Warrior Princess
Before MCU began rewarding fans for paying close attention to end credits, “Xena: Warrior Princess” pioneered inserting subtle messages in their end credits. They were mainly silly disclaimers that reminded viewers that the show never took itself too seriously and viewers shouldn't either.
Disclaimer Cards
In Season 5’s "Married With Fishsticks" Gabrielle gets duped into believing she’s the mother of Hagar’s children straight out of special effects purgatory: Walrus-boy Flipper, Mini-Hell Priest Urchin, and the octopus-adjacent Baby Roe. At once horrifying and weirdly cute, Roe was a truly puzzling creature and the meme potential alone garners plenty of pauses among viewers today.
Gabrielle’s Freaky Fish Kids
Salon writer Andrew Leonard was spot on when he called the "Xena" Halloween episode "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" the "disco lesbian vampire" episode. The super sultry vampire lust in this episode solidified “Xena’s” place in the annals of TV thirstdom, helping shape the show's image as an iconic lesbian love story.
Thirst Vampires
When a transformed Xena journeyed to the Amazon Resting Place, she was forced to confront the skeletons of the Amazons she once killed in the name of power. But in the midst of this dark moment, if you look carefully around the 27:48 mark, you'll see one sassy skeleton flipping the bird in its final moments.
Skeleton Bird Flip
Today we know Karl Urban for his work in the “Star Trek” movies, Amazon Prime’s “The Boys” and “The Lord Of The Rings” trilogy but “Xena” fans have known Urban since the late 90s. Urban's appearances on “Xena” were some of his earliest roles, and he showed up in four different and barely recognizable roles.
Karl Urban