The Most Pause-Worthy Parker Schnabel Moment On Gold Rush


Viewers tune in to Discovery’s “Gold Rush” not only to learn about the gold mining business, but to watch personalities like Parker Schnabel. They’ve watched Schnabel grow from a teenager shadowing his grandfather, to having his own leadership role, but it was this offhand comment about how much money his employees made that gave viewers pause.

In the Season 8 Episode 1 "Gold Rush: The Dirt" after show, Schnabel casually told host Christo Doyle that his employees made “140 grand” for six months of mining work. After the show, it sparked hot discussion on the show’s subreddit with one user asking where he could submit a resume to work for Schnabel.

One viewer, however, argued that this figure probably wasn’t accurate saying, “it might be more accurate to say 18 months of work compressed into 6 months.” Another user pointed out that Schnabel contradicted himself, because just a few months prior he posted a much smaller pay scale estimate on Reddit.