Chatham, Ontario, Canada - February 14, 2011: A product shot of a Simpsons 10th season DVD set on a white background. This is a later release with a flat DVD casing rather than the limited edition "Simpson Heads" product casings.
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In The Simpsons
Maggie Simpson stunned everyone when it was revealed she shot Mr. Burns in the “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” murder mystery. There have been tons of theories over the years about these fan-favorite episodes, but viewers learned for certain never to take Maggie’s lollipop.
Mr. Burns’ Shooter
Nobody expected devout Christian Ned Flanders to hook up with the jaded school teacher Edna Krabapple, but their love proved to be everlasting. When Ned caught Edna after she fell from a ladder and made his first move, fans were scratching their heads at the unlikely pair.
Edna And Ned Date
“The Simpsons” introduced the art of drag in Season 30 when Marge created a drag queen persona to help her sell Tubberware. Given the political incorrectness fans are familiar with from earlier seasons, viewers were surprised to see such diverse inclusivity from the show.
Drag Queen Marge
Selma raised a lot of eyebrows when she announced she wanted to be a mother in Season 4, but “Selma’s Choice” started a great conversation about being a single mother. This episode was extremely serious compared to normal Simpsons' antics and was a shocking shift in tone.
Selma Wants A Baby
Feeling taunted by a depressing plaque at his miserable job, Homer used pictures of Maggie to cover up certain letters and hide the message. After putting up the photos of his daughter, the sign reads “do it for her” and viewers were surprised by Homer’s sudden sensitivity.
Fatherly Love