The Most Expensive Items The Pawn Stars Actually Purchased On The Show


6. 1922 Dollar Coin

Coin collectors know all about the rare 1922 dollar coin, and it’s the sharp relief of its design that makes it valuable. The seller, who won it in a poker game, expected $20,000, but when he found out how much it was really worth, he gladly accepted Rick’s offer of $80,000.

5. Steven Stills' Guitar

A 1941 model Gibson guitar that is visibly beautiful and incredibly well-maintained would make quite a bit of money as it is, but it was the owner of this guitar that brought in the big bucks. The seller had a bill of sale confirming it once belonged to Steven Stills, meaning Rick was willing to put up $85,000 for it.

4. Mary Paul's Guitar

A Gibson Les Paul signature guitar can cost a pretty penny as it is, but the Harrisons were willing to shell out a small fortune for one that belonged to Paul’s wife, Mary. The fact that Mary had played it on songs like "How High The Moon" made its value skyrocket to $90,000.

3. 1932 Lincoln Roadster

A mint and cream-colored Roadster with a massive V-12 engine sold for $4,000 in 1932, but Rick and the Old Man shelled out nearly six figures for it. They paid the seller $95,000, who in turn used that to buy gold from the shop.

2. 3000 Ounces Of Silver

The second-largest purchase in “Pawn Stars” history was quite easy for the shop to verify the value of. After confirming it was real, Rick purchased the 3000 ounces of silver for $111,000, roughly market rate.

1. Sendak Sketches

The most expensive item ever purchased was the collection of original sketches from Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are,” Rick’s favorite childhood book. Since Sendak never sold prints, Harrison was able to buy the truly one-of-a-kind sketches for $250,000. Now for some bonus items...

2000-Year-Old Coin

An "Ides of March" coin from Julius Caesar’s day seems like something a scammer would invent, but Rick's expert confirmed that it was a true coin from over 2000 years ago. He urged Rick to buy the coin at the seller's asking price of $140,000, but Rick didn't want to part with that much money, even for a sure thing.

Musical History Walked

The desire to own music history has often clashed with the store's finances, leading to situations where one-of-a-kind musical items were allowed to walk. Rick wasn’t interested in paying $1,000,000 for The Beatles’ recording contract, and he similarly wouldn’t pay a cool million for a guitar Jimi Hendrix had played.

The White Bronco

The Harrisons had to make a tough decision when perhaps the most-famous car in American history fell into their laps. A potential seller approached them with O.J. Simpson’s famous white Ford Bronco, but his price of $1.25 million was too much for Rick to invest in.

Washington's Suit

Rick came across a holy grail when he met a collector with a three-piece suit worn by George Washington. The seller offered it for $3 million, and Rick countered with an offer of $2.5 million, but they were unable to reach an agreement.

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