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The very first scene of "Don't Worry Darling" immediately sets the tone, with an extravagant party featuring a pregnant woman drinking liquor and the main characters, Alice and Jack, driving drunk. For a movie that's ostensibly about 1950s domestic bliss, this party is our first indication that the good old days weren't as picture-perfect as advertised.
11. The Opening Party
The plane crash is one of the strangest scenes in "Don't Worry Darling," as it introduces many layers of mystery concerning Victory's headquarters and the distortion of Alice's reality. The fact that nobody will listen to Alice about the plane crash is frustrating, and the very idea that all evidence of an accident could just go missing is creepy.
10. The Plane Crash
Right when Alice's paranoia is reaching a fever pitch, she is met with Frank's special event, where Jack's promotion is followed by a seemingly joyless dance. Once we know what "Don't Worry Darling" is really about, this moment becomes even more ominous, as although Jack thought he was in control of his life in Victory, he is still under Frank's thumb.
9. Jack's Dance
Cooking is something the wives in Victory do a lot, and when Alice finds that the eggs she's been using don't have anything inside them, this signals that something isn't right. Near the end of the film, she challenges Frank's supremacy by asking everyone to consider where their food comes from, although she hasn't quite figured it out herself.
8. The Empty Eggs
There's a lot of steamy foreplay in "Don't Worry Darling," but oftentimes it turns too intense for comfort, like when Frank watches Jack and Alice go at it in his house. Alice knows they've been caught, but rather than straighten out their bodies and clothes in embarrassment, she seems to understand that she's expected to continue performing.
7. Frank Watches