The Most Creative Horror Movie Kill According To Reddit

Horror movies have provided some pretty crazy on-screen kills throughout cinema history. However, the horror movie death scene with the most exciting twist or catch, according to Redditors, may surprise you.
"My personal favorite kill is in Jason X when he dips a girl's head in liquid nitrogen then smashes it on a table," wrote u/UnderwaterTurtles in a discussion thread that garnered the highest amount of upvotes. Overall on Reddit, it appears that "Jason X" — a movie that critics initially bashed — has grown on many people.
Another kill from the 2002 film, in which Jason attacks two fake girls during a simulation of Camp Crystal Lake, was also very high on the list of most creative horror kills. Redditor u/xstitchnrye added, "I came here to say exactly this as well. Jason X is severely underrated. The writers knew exactly what they were doing."