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The Most
Confusing Parts
Of The Simpsons
Across all seasons, Troy McClure appears in educational tapes and infomercials with little knowledge of their cause, complete with bad acting and terrible topics. In Season 7, Troy’s lavish apartment is shown, and it doesn’t quite make sense considering the mismatch between his lifestyle and low-budget acting gigs.
Troy's B-list acting
According to Vox, Homer has had a mind-boggling 133 jobs in the 33 years he's been on our screens, with an endlessly patient family that has no financial security. From managing a country music singer to working as a local sports mascot, whatever happens inside Homer’s head is difficult to keep up with.
Homer’s endless jobs
With a house, 2 pets, and 2.5 children, the Simpsons family should be the definition of middle-class as Marge is a stay-at-home wife and money is always tight. What the show has failed to address is how the Simpsons have continually managed to stay afloat in a world of recessions and an unforgiving economy.
“Itchy & Scratchy” is a beloved, hyper-violent cartoon that underscores the irresponsibility of Springfield's adults and raises questions about how such brutal entertainment is approved for children. Marge attempts to get the show banned from TV, but the show even gets its own theme park in Season 6.
Itchy & Scratchy
Rod and Todd Flanders are never seen attending the Springfield Elementary school despite their regular presence on the show. With so much mystery surrounding Rod and Todd's educational background, fans assume that the kids could be homeschooled with a strictly religious timetable.
Rod and Todd’s schooling