The Moon Knight Episode 1 Scene That Came Straight From Ethan Hawke


MCU’s “Moon Knight” is finally here, and while most of the praise has gone to Oscar Issac’s portrayal of the one-of-a-kind anti-hero, Ethan Hawke is equally convincing as the menacing villain, Dr. Arthur Harrow. Hawke said he took inspiration from cult leader David Koresh, and some of Hawke’s ideas even made it into the show, including a creepy scene in Episode 1.

As Episode 1 of "Moon Knight" opens, we see Dr. Arthur Harrow breaking a glass and subsequently filling his shoes with the shards, walking away like it’s nothing. This creepy introduction came directly from Hawke, who drew inspiration from how comic books introduce villains on their pages.

Hawke told the directors that the best comic books will often have a full-page drawing of the villain. He then pitched the idea of “What would the full-page drawing be that introduces Harrow?” and it, fortunately, made the cut.