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The Modern
Family Spin-Off
That Could Still
See The Light Of
Rumors about a spin-off for the Emmy award-winning sitcom “Modern Family” are circulating after Jesse Tyler Ferguson commented on a potential script during an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada. Ferguson, who played Mitchell Pritchett, said the script was “pretty good,” and could make it to television if a willing producer stepped up.
“Modern Family” creators Steve Levitan and Chris Lloyd also shared their thoughts on a spin-off, and Levitan told The Hollywood Reporter “focusing on something very different” from the sitcom feels like the right move. In the same interview, Lloyd shared this sentiment, noting that a second series would be a “tall order” to fill.
According to NME, the supposed spin-off script "was believed to have focused on Mitchell, husband Cameron Tucker and their two kids as they moved to Missouri." Although Ferguson seemed interested in reprising his role for a “Modern Family” spin-off, there’s been no further talk of production for the series.