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The Minor Law &
Order Crossover
Character Death
Fans Took
Surprisingly Hard
THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR the "Law & Order" three-hour crossover event.


There was no way we were getting a three-hour "Law & Order" crossover event without a death or two. Several supporting characters were brought in to flesh out the story, but there was one, in particular, that fans took to very quickly. Unfortunately, this newcomer didn't make it out of the crossover alive, and viewers were mourning their new favorite on Twitter.
Stabler had worked with Vince for several months, but their CI-handler relationship was still pretty new. Vince was brought in to help with the Sirenko murder case, and unfortunately, Vince meets his end when Sirenko lures him in to help with planting the bomb. Despite his one-and-done appearance, "Law & Order" fans paid their respects online.
"Vince is already gone and I liked him," one Twitter user wrote with a crying emoji. "I knew the moment Vince entered that club he was a dead man and yet I somehow got attached anyway, and now he's dead," another user added. Many other tweets contained just the name Vince paired with all types of sad emojis as fans mourned the newbie.