The Marvel Character You Likely Forgot Yellowstone's Jennifer Landon Played


Before she was cast as the fan-favorite, ranch hand Teeter in Season 3 of "Yellowstone," actress Jennifer Landon had mostly made a name for herself in daytime soaps. However, it might surprise some of her fans to learn that she also appeared in Hulu’s “Hellstrom” in 2020.

In "Helstrom" Season 1, Episode 10, Landon tackles the role of Dr. Katherine Reynolds. In the episode, Reynolds finds Daimon Helstrom seemingly dead, orders his body sent to the morgue for autopsy, and has to deliver the bad news to Ana Helstrom and her mother, Victoria Helstrom.

Although Landon's character doesn't get much screen time, her appearance in the episode serves as a welcome wink to fans of the original comic storyline. Her character, a supernaturally-oriented assistant professor, appears in 21 issues of Marvel Comics, including "Marvel Spotlight" and "The Legion of Night."